The Job Hunting SuperSearch System...
and the 10 Major Things It Can Do For You.

We provide a competitive advantage and make job hunting easier with an exciting new way to look for a job. Self tailoring, it can be customized. Our briefings are practical, easy to read and in color.

1... You’ll uncover everything of marketing value about yourself. We give you a unique profile that surfaces all skills, strengths and experience factors that can lift your marketability.

2... You can be equipped you with persuasive new style resumes. We have pioneered exciting new style resumes and we give you proven samples. They are powerful and very effective.

3... You can take advantage of special application resumes. Companies use many ads to sell their brands. And you can maximize interviews by copying these special application resumes.

4... You get great letters to copy for any situation. Great letters allow you to personalize and excite employers. We share what’s worked best for others, and our provide dozens of great letters.

5... You can create have a personal marketing website. A marketing website is invaluable for looking long distance and networking. You can choose from over 100 designs, and we put it up.

6... You’ll be able to get more interviews. With today’s competition you need a lot of interviews. Here you get proven new ideas for getting 20—25 interviews in a very short time.

7... You’ll have a game plan for getting interviews. All firms use marketing plans, and we supply over 20 ways to get interviews and a one-page form so you can create your own plan.

8... You’ll be able to be your best in competitive interviews. Our briefings can lift your skills at interviewing so you can be in the top 5%, and give you a competitive advantage.

9... You’ll be able to negotiate your best financial package. Here you get an easy to use and system with scripts. It has helped others get increases of up to 20 to 50%, and signing bonuses

10... You’ll have the finest advice on handling any personal issue. Here’s we give professional advice for dozens of difficult situations... being unemployed, having age concerns and more.

The Job Hunting SuperSearch Briefings... That Are Part of Our System


# 01. Introduction to easier way. Gaining a competitive edge.

# 02. Our quick job hunting guide for 2017. How to cut job hunting by 80%.

Using Outstanding Resumes

# 03. What’s wrong with 95% of resumes. 10 key solutions that make a difference.

# 04. Using outstanding new style resumes. New styles that can make your phone ring.

# 05. An executive creative package. The right package is all important.

# 06. Outstanding universal resumes. Seeing them will amaze you.

# 07. The incredible power of biographies. This style is commanding & distinctive.

# 08. Outstanding samples of biographies. Nothing is more impressive.

Using Outstanding Letters

# 09. Powerful letters that produce calls. Rules for instantly writing great letters.

# 10. Great letters to employers. Of enormous help to most people.

# 11. Great networking letters. This is much easier than making “calls.”

# 12. Great letters for answering ads. You need resumes, but letters are key.

Getting Maximum Interviews

# 13. Amazing marketing websites. Ideal for networking & long distance.

# 14. How the two job markets work. Gives you to a new world of opportunities.

# 15. How to find leads to private jobs. Shows you a simple way for finding them.

# 16. Answering ads for more interviews. New ideas that pay incredible dividends.

# 17. Networking made easier. The latest ideas for expanding contacts.

# 18. Using references to win a new job. Using references in new ways.

# 19. Phone power for getting interviews. 12 easy ways for starting discussions.

# 20. Getting a job created for yourself. A formula for how to offer a benefit.

# 21. Contacting employers directly. Precise formulas on how to do it by mail.

# 22. Sources for executives to contact. Where to uncover key people to contact.

# 23. Getting maximum recruiter calls. How many to contact, what to send & more.

# 24. Top recruiters, VCs & equity firms. Firms looking for professional talent.

# 25. Making the most of Linkedin. Little known ways for gaining a big edge.

Interviewing & Negotiating at Your Best

# 26. Turning interviews into great offers. Controlling interviews & being in the top 5%.

# 27. Reading an interviewer’s personality. How to read them & adapt your style to fit.

# 28. Maximizing personal chemistry. Exactly how to do it. Works all the time.

# 29. Projecting the right image. Looking your best & winning offers.

# 30. How to handle any objection. How to smoothly deflect any negatives.

# 31. A negotiating system that works. A system & scripts for big increases.

Planning Your Search

# 32. Setting the right job title goals. Of 400 popular fields, some may be for you.

# 33. Timing & financing your search. 16 ways for finding capital for a search.

# 34. How to change industries. How others made shifts & how to do it.

# 35. Building your will to succeed. A great attitude is a winning formula.

# 36. What to do if you are unemployed. 6 key actions and 10 pitfalls to avoid.

# 37. Game plan for getting interviews. 20+ ways for interviews & a 1-page plan.

# 38. Selling your transferable skills. Ideas on what’s marketable about you.

Professional Advice for Special Situations

# 39. New ways to think about yourself. Be a solution to problems & opportunities.

# 40. Careers for wall street professionals. They’re credible for many opportunities.

# 41. Career options for educators. Possibilities for educators are very positive.

# 42. Career options for former military. Many ways they can use their talents.

# 43. 12 popular options for executives. Your new future may be right here.

# 44. Advice for young professionals. How to narrow down your possibilities.

# 45. For people with age concerns. What you can do in your 60s, 70s and 80s.

# 46. For entrepreneurs in the market. Challenged? Here’s the formula for you.

# 47. For people who changed too often. Good solutions will get you where you want.

# 48. For those who are specialized. Showing how you can help in many ways.

# 49. For those who may be generalists. Good ideas for handling “no practical value”

# 50. For those who lack a degree. Good ways to offset employer concerns.

# 51. For those in one firm or industry. Unique ways to deflect any questions here.

# 52. A new career after raising a family. Where others like you found new careers.

# 53. Uncovering all your assets. Surfacing skills, strengths & more.

# 54. Job hunting assistance services. Pricing, practices, quality & what to know.

Recent New Additions

# 55. Your step-by-step action plan. Your custom plan for maximizing interviews.

# 56. Follow up letters can be key. Great sample letters that worked.

# 57. What to do when a search doesn’t work. Hundreds of ideas for energizing a search.