Introduction & having outstanding resumes & letters and great samples to copy.

An Easier Way to Find a New Job

Introduction. by Bob Gerberg

This explains this exciting new philosophy, and why it can make job hunting so much easier for you.

2017 Quick Job Hunting Guide for Professionals

How to find the right new job in a lot less time. by Bob Gerberg

Can cut job hunting time by up to 80%. Here, you get facts on the new market, ways to access more openings & leads, get recruiter calls and more.

What’s Wrong With 95% of 30 Million Resumes

Ideas that work at $50,000 to $500,000. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll see why new style resumes can make your phone ring. The ideas on creating powerful new materials can change your life.

Using Outstanding New Style Resumes

Multiply your activity by up to 7 to 10 times. by Bob Gerberg

Job hunting reduces you career to paper. Here you’ll discover the undeniable advantage of shifting away from traditional resumes.

A Sample of An Executive Creative Package

See how a person went from zero activity... to 25 interviews. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll see the incredible lift that an executive received. The key was the right package of materials.

Samples of Successful Universal Resumes

These all produced continuous interviews. by Bob Gerberg

These all produced continuous interviews. Samples cover students through executives. Use these to adapt your resume and get results.

The Incredible Power of Biographies

The Mercedes of presentations. by Bob Gerberg

Biographies are commanding, distinctive, and great for networking and negotiations. The choice of executives worldwide, nothing is more impressive.

Successful Samples of Executive Biographies

Outstanding materials that produced interviews. by Bob Gerberg

Here are materials that produced high level interviews. Four very different people are covered. Just adapt the words and phrases that fit.

Powerful Letters Get People to Call

How to open doors to exciting opportunities. by Bob Gerberg

Great letters excite people about you. The guidelines are based on real world experiences. Follow them and write great letters.

Successful of Executive Letters to Employers

Sending letters can be a fast way to get interviews. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll find successful third party letters sponsoring a person, letters sent by executives to employers and follow up letters.

Great Networking Letters That Worked

Networking letters can be the start of a lot of referrals. by Bob Gerberg

With these at your fingertips, copy opening paragraphs, key words and phrases. This is a lot easier and more productive than making “cold calls.”

Great Letters for Using With Openings

Your letters can be the key to your success. by Bob Gerberg

Billions of responses are sent in answers to ads, but letters can make a difference. Use these to get better results.

Getting maximum interviews and being your best in interviews & negotiations

The Amazing Value of Marketing Websites

An easy way to get more interviews in less time. by Bob Gerberg

With a website you can get far more views of your resume in less time. For networking and long distance they’re a must.

How The Two Job Markets Work

You need to know where your best opportunities are. by Bob Gerberg

This breaks down where the jobs are and how to access them. You’ll discover a new world of opportunities.

How to Find Leads to Unpublished Jobs

These opportunities have a lot less competition. by Bob Gerberg

Private jobs invite a lot less competition, and here you’ll discover how to find them. Millions of people find new jobs this way.

How to Answer Ads for Maximum Interviews

Finding enough openings and getting the most calls. by Bob Gerberg

With ads drawing 100 to 300 resumes, how do you get maximum call backs? Many of these strategies that have worked for others.

Networking Made Easier

Ways to make networking easier than ever before. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll get ideas that work. And you’ll see easy ways to network people you’ve never met.

How to Use References to Win a New Job

Simple approaches that always work. by Bob Gerberg

Your best references are ones who are most enthusiastic. Here you’ll find how to use them in new ways and how to handle poor references.

Phone Power for Getting Interviews

Proven scripts can make this easy and fast. by Bob Gerberg

These scripts work. You’ll see 12 ways for initiating positive discussions that lead to interviews, and they are easy to put into action.

How to Get a Job Created for Yourself

How idea sharing can get a job created for you. by Bob Gerberg

The key is offering employers a benefit that motivates them to create a job for you. During their career many professionals get jobs this way.

Getting Interviews by Contacting Employers Directly

Is this the fastest way to get interviews? by Bob Gerberg

Precise ideas on how to contact employers. You’ll also learn of the wide ranging experiences of people who got jobs by going direct.

Sources for Finding Executives to Contact

Where to find the right people. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll get many sources you can use for uncovering contact information for key people to contact by email, fax or first class mail.

Getting Maximum Calls From Recruiters

How to succeed among a lot of competition. by Bob Gerberg

Recruiters still account for many good jobs. This covers the types of recruiters, how many to contact, what to send to get calls and more.

Leading Recruiters, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Firms

The major organizations in these fields. by Bob Gerberg

VCs and private equity investors play a growing role in helping find talent for the businesses in which they’ve invested.

Making the Most of LinkedIn

How to gain a big competitive edge. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll find little understood ways for using this remarkable source for a competitive advantage.

Turning Your Interviews Into Great Job Offers

Follow these rules and be in the top 5%. by Bob Gerberg

Covers how to control interviews, how to handle video interviews, top interviewing questions with suggested answers... and much more.

How to Read the Interviewer’s Personality

Understanding personalities lets you adapt your style to what they prefer. by Bob Gerberg

Wouldn’t be nice to be able to read your interviewer’s personality? If you know the type of person they like best, you can adapt your style to fit.

How To Maximize Personal Chemistry in All Your Interviews

Easy steps that work all the time. by Bob Gerberg

This formula can have you building more chemistry than ever. And remember that people hire others they like!

Projecting The Right Image

Formal or casual... your image speaks before you say a word. by Bob Gerberg

Looking your best, feeling confident and projecting a good image helps people get offers. This reviews the latest guidelines.

How To Handle Any Objection

This builds confidence at any level. by Bob Gerberg

This puts you in control, builds confidence and lets you smoothly deflect any negatives.

A Negotiating System That Works

All you have to do is just do what others have done. by Bob Gerberg

With these soft sell scripts, people have gotten raises of 20 to 50%, negotiating signing bonuses and more. It is amazingly easy.

Professional advice for planning a job search that works.

Setting The Right Job Title Goals

Things to consider while selecting your goals. by Bob Gerberg

This can help open you to new ideas. The 400 most popular jobs are listed and some may fit you.

Timing & Financing Your Search

Make the right decision on investing in yourself. by Bob Gerberg

Here, you’ll see 16 ways for raising modest capital for a search. Austin Kiplinger, once said, “You are your own best investment!”

How to Change Industries.

Simple keys to success. by Bob Gerberg

The right industry can be critical. Here you’ll see how others made major shifts and the keys to getting it done.

Building Your Will to Succeed

A positive attitude helps guarantee success. by Bob Gerberg

The people who get the best results project a positive attitude. View success as inevitable and let your positive attitude show.

What to Do When You Are Unemployed

Simple actions for getting a job in the shortest time. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll see six key actions and ten common pitfalls to avoid. With this and the other briefings you can be on your way.

Your Game Plan for Getting Interviews

A simple game plan always beats trial & error. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll find 20+ ways to get interviews, and a simple form for laying out your own game plan for getting interviews.

Selling Your Transferable Skills

Employers buy skills and what you can do. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll get ideas on what’s marketable about you... ways to sell assets and the skills in most demand today in all fields.

Professional advice for those with special situations.

New Ways to Think About Yourself

You may have more to market than you realize. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll get a fresh way to view yourself, and why you can be a solution to certain problems... or help others capitalize on opportunities.

Career Options for Wall Street Professionals

These people can select from many careers. by Bob Gerberg

Many in this industry have doubts about moving. But they often have skills and knowledge that are credible for a lot of opportunities.

New Careers for Educators

The amazing options that educators have. by Bob Gerberg

Educators are on the move. And their possibilities are greater than ever. Why? Educators have skills that are in-demand in many areas.

New Career Options for Former Military

Their options have never been better. by Bob Gerberg

All military eventually move to new careers. Here you’ll see many ways their talents can be used in the private sector.

The 12 Most Popular New Careers for Executives

95% Choose one of these. by Bob Gerberg

Keep an open mind as you review these possibilities,. If you’re ready for a change, these are worth thinking about.

Career Advice for Young Professionals

This simple approach gives you a good start. by Bob Gerberg

This begins with a review of operations and shows how to narrow down possibilitiesbefore deciding on what to explore further.

For People With Age Concerns

Seniors can now work as long as they want. by Bob Gerberg

Age doesn’t need to be the barrier it used to be. Just look at what others achieved in their 60s and 70s and some in their 80s.

For Entrepreneurs Entering The Market

There’s no limit... if you know how to market yourself. by Bob Gerberg

Former entrepreneurs have a lot to offer, but you’ll need answers for many questions. Here, they’re all touched upon and solutions provided.

For People Who Have Changed Jobs Too Much

You can overcome this. The key is simple and clear. by Bob Gerberg

Some employers will rule you out. But, here you’ll find solutions that have worked for others and can also work for you.

For People Who May Be Too Specialized

People make some amazing changes all the time. by Bob Gerberg

Being labeled too narrow may hold you back. This is about getting interviewers to think: “He might help us in a number of ways.”

For People Who May Be Seen as Generalists

Your image can be changed by selling your skills. by Bob Gerberg

Some people need to be generalists. For others, the label means having no “practical” value. Here, see how to change perceptions.

For People Who Lack a Degree.

Creative initiatives will improve your prospects. by Bob Gerberg

A degree is never a guarantee that a new hire will work out. But you will need to offset employer concerns. Creative initiatives can be the solution.

For People Too Long in One Firm or Industry

Some ideas for handling a great asset. by Bob Gerberg

Your marketability may be declining with each extra year. Here you’ll see ways to deflect any negative perceptions.

Selecting a New Career After Raising a Family

Some ideas that may be right for you. by Bob Gerberg

Here you’ll see where others like you have found new careers. Once you decide on a direction our other briefings will help you market yourself.

How to Uncover All Your Marketable Assets

Use this to build marketing value. by Bob Gerberg

This helps get across the full value of what you can offer. Here, you can surface all your best skills, strengths and experiences.

A Review of Career & Job Hunting Assistance Services

A look at practices, pricing, quality and more. by Bob Gerberg

This covers outplacement counseling, and firms selling services to individuals. If you need some help, this will update you on how to proceed.

Your Step-by-Step Action Plan

Getting Organized for a First Rate Campaign. by Bob Gerberg

Just like a company marketing a new product, you need an action plan for getting interviews.

Follow Up Letters Can be Key to Your Success.

A great interview is worth a great follow up. by Bob Gerberg

Your work hard to get a great interview. So send an equally great follow up letter. Just copy and adapt to fit your situation.

What to Do When Your Search Doesn’t Go Right

How to fine tune and refresh your job search. by Bob Gerberg

Takes you through hundreds of ideas that impact the success or failure of a job search. People say this fixes over 90% of searches

How to search internationally. by Bob Gerberg

Seeking an international position when you are in the United States.