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Some of the new concepts revealed

How to search for 20 to 50% more. (03)
What’s wrong with 95% of resumes. (03)
Why to break old job hunting rules. (02)
How to change industries. (34)
How to handle any objection. (30)

How to get 1,000% more from ads. (16)
How to compete without a degree. (50)
How to cut job hunting time by 80%. (03)
Why new style resumes are amazing. (04)
How to negotiate a big signing bonus. (31)

Great power letters to employers. (10)
How to handle bad references. (18)
How to get interviews with CEOs. (21)
The keys to controlling any interview. (26)
Why VCs and equity firms can help. (24)

The 10 major job hunting mistakes. (02)
How to get 25 interviews in 8 weeks. (37)
How to make the most of LinkedIn. (25)
Great follow ups letters that work. (56)
16 ways to finance a job search. (33)

Why the new resumes get read first. (04)
How to create your own job. (20)
Reading interviewer’s personality. (27)
Building maximum chemistry. (28)
The 12 top executive career changes. (43)

20+ ways to get quality interviews. (37)
Why 2-page resumes are obsolete. (04)
How to handle video interviews. (26)

Building appeal beyond credentials. (38)
How to get calls from recruiters. (23)
Phone velocity methods. (19)
Building top level contacts from zero. (17)
How to discuss having been fired. (36)

Great networking letters that worked. (11)
How to uncover valuable leads. (15)
How to job hunt if unemployed. (36)
When to job hunt without a resume. (09)
How to make direct marketing work. (21)

How to overcome any age barriers. (45)
World’s most distinctive resumes. (03)
Looking long distance & international. (06)
Career options for former military. (42)
Surfacing 100% of your skills & assets. (53)

Exciting new ways to think about you. (39)
How to negotiate a contract. (31)
Handling single industry experience. (51)
The best executive creative package. (05)
Why 3rd party techniques work. (03)

Handling too many previous jobs. (47)
How to get past gatekeepers. (04)
How to get interviews by phone. (19)
Amazing marketing websites. (13)
Incredible letters that get calls. (10)

20 interviewing rules that work. (26)
How to turn around any failing search. (57)
The incredible power of biographies (07)